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Studio A’s  control room, four metres wide which overlooks and, is connected to our Live Room. It’s centred around an Apple Logic X/ Universal Audio hardware and software plugin environment which utilises cutting edge Unison Technology. ICON controllers sit either side of a APB Dynasonics analogue summing mixer.

Our rehearsal space doubles up as Studio A`s live room. And we`re pretty proud of it. It’s air-conditioned and very balanced tonally (with an excellent KV2 sound system). A professional environment for the serious player, but it`s a cool and friendly place for anyone. So when you rehearse, do it in a space that makes you feel good!

Studio B was our only studio until 2015 and was professionally built back in 2006 by DACS.

It’s an intimate space, perfect for mix projects, tracking vocals, post production and more.

Hello there, we’re Ginger Music Company.

We do rehearsals, recording, and band videos. We also teach stuff (music tech mostly, Apple’s Logic X in particular our speciality). Check out our info on music technology training courses. We have first class facilities at one of the best sound recording and rehearsal studios in the North East of England. Check out what you’re looking for below. If you’re looking for training, a practice room or a recording studio near you then we’re here and we’d love to meet you. If you want to go straight to the booking page, you can find it HERE. Thanks, looking forward to seeing you soon down at Ginger !


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