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Brand new offer from Ginger Music Company!

In Association with Ginger Syrup Records…

we’re offering a must-have to all artists and bands right now…an electronic press kit (EPK) for a price you can afford!

Whether you’re presenting your music to a promoter for gigs, an album for review or background for an article about your band, you’re going to need an EPK

An EPK is an online, electronic version of the physical, paper information folder that was sent out in the old days by managers (now often by artists and bands themselves) to venues and festival bookers, reviewers and reporters, radio stations and other media.

Above all else, great sounding RECORDINGS are what you’re all about


But VIDEO is really how people dig new music. You need to be visual


And SOCIAL MEDIA is how we get to our fans, and how we get gigs



Record, mix and master 3 tracks in a day?

Have a word! Why would you want to put yourself through that kind of stress?! We’re not into creating pressure situations. Record over 8 hours In Ginger Music Company with your dedicated engineer/producer, then your mix and mastering engineer will spend the next day crafting the perfect, pro mix you NEED.

Social Media

Social networking

It’s essential to communicate your music properly across today’s many social networking platforms. You need concise, cool marketing to let bookers, fans and media see what you’re about. We’ll create you a short to advertise your music effectively through Instagram and a great video cover for Facebook.

The EPK Package – how it works


You’ll have a full day in Ginger – we’ve two studios here – Studio A and Studio B. Studio A is the larger of the two in terms of size but both spaces have Universal Apollo (over thunderbolt) plus UAD Satellites. A has physical controllers, in the form of ICON control, B has two brand new Slate RAVEN MTi‘s. We’ve a plethora of mics, from Neumann to Brauner to Bruel and Kjaer and all the usual suspects; Shure, Sennheiser, EV, Rode and more besides. Your session will be presided over by one of our in house engineers/producers and recorded meticulously to your exacting standards.


Your tracking session in Ginger will conclude with a meeting with your mix/mastering engineer. He’ll listen to your tracks with you and you’ll discuss the exact shape of the mix and your requirements, as you want it. He’ll take the session with him to his dedicated mastering studio and craft the perfect mix for you. It’ll be radio ready and competitive. Also working within a Universal Audio environment, but benefiting from outstanding outboard gear and incredibly detailed monitoring, your engineer will make sure the  music is taken to the next level, ready for release. We’re flipping the ‘demo’ idea on its head. You want something you can play on the radio


During Day 1 at Ginger, one of our video professionals will be around taking taking ‘B-Roll’ footage of you/your band around the spaces. During your tracking session, a video interview will be shot. The editor will then use the footage to create a ‘video short’, a couple of minutes’ film featuring one of your tracks, plus interview and extra footage from in and around the studios. After, two 30 sec Insta/FB video ads will be created for you plus a Facebook video splash, to help promote you/your band to your audience in a pro way.

"...You don't need a demo, you need a product: you want to get gigs and you want to release this music proudly to the world. You need Ginger's EPK deal..."

Our services don’t just end there – take a look at some of the extras we can add on to this amazing deal to really push your music out to the world…

P&D Deal £249

Create 100 copies of your E.P plus full artwork on CD, release to every digital store through our in-house development label Ginger Syrup Records…


Promo Video £349

Shoot a fully edited, professional music video for one of your songs, choose from a live music video or traditional promo…


Launch your EP £149

A night in our dedicated music venue, get the red carpet treatment, create an intimate, exclusive night for selected fans and press…


Hey, it definitely doesn’t just end there either: we have a range of record label services, including live perfomance ‘happenings’ shot and broadcast from the studios, PR, advanced social media campaigns, website creation and branding. Call us on 0191 469 6988 to talk about your options on the EPK offer and more. C’mon, let’s get your music out there – and in the most professional way possible.



* It’s worth considering that even though there is a financial outlay here, that it’s 100% possible for this to cost you NOTHING at all. What do we mean? Well say you paid £349 plus added £249 for 100 CDs plus digital release. If you sold those CD EPs at your gigs for a £6 each you’d break even. If you took the promo video option £349 and also the EP/Video launch in our venue (£149) and sold 50 tickets it would also fund itself. So, in reality you could have every part of this essentially without it costing you a penny, as long as you sold 100 CDs and 50 tickets to a launch event. Give Dee a call on 0191 469 6988 to talk it over