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In Association with Ginger Syrup Records…

we’re offering a must-have to all artists and bands right now…an electronic press kit (EPK) for a price you can afford!

So, what exactly is an EPK?

Whether you’re presenting your music to a promoter for gigs, an album for review or background for an article about your band, you’re going to need an EPK

An EPK is an online, electronic version of the physical, paper information folder that was sent out in the old days by managers (now often by artists and bands themselves) to venues and festival bookers, reviewers and reporters, radio stations and other media.

Above all else, great sounding RECORDINGS are what you’re all about


But VIDEO is really how people dig new music. You need to be visual


And social media is how we get to our fans, and how we get gigs



Record, mix and master 3 tracks in a day?

Have a word! Why would you want to put yourself through that kind of stress?! We’re not into creating pressure situations. Record over 8 hours In Ginger Music Company with your dedicated engineer/producer, then your mix and mastering engineer will spend the next day crafting the perfect, pro mix you NEED.


How are people getting a feel for what you do?

There’s a shift in thinking in the music business. The days of ‘send your demo in’ are LONG GONE. Insta, Twitter and Facebook and YouTube are your friends. People WATCH new music, promoters want to see your social media profiles, get a feel for what you’re about. That’s not going to happen from a demo only. You need MORE, and that’s what we’re going to give you…

Social Media

Social networking

It’s essential to communicate your music properly across today’s many social networking platforms. You need concise, cool marketing to let bookers, fans and media see what you’re about. We’ll create you a short to advertise your music effectively through Instagram and a great video cover for Facebook.


Studio A, four metres wide – which overlooks and, is connected to our Live Room. It’s centred around a Mackie 32 channel 8 bus analogue console. and Universal Audio hardware and software plugin environment which utilises cutting edge Unison Technology.
Studio A and Studio B are also physically linked and we can use both control/live rooms during sessions for total isolation of instruments, where necessary