Brand new fully equipped teaching suite with latest model iMacs (six).

Our Studio A is based around an analogue console

Studio B is a fully digital environment

We’ve got great gear

Even a cafe venue to relax in

Producer Training,  4 Day Course.

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As well as our extensive experience in recording and producing music, we are trainers in software and music production. Dee, director of Ginger, has 10 years experience teaching Apple’s Logic DAW and its related products and holds the title of Apple Master Trainer (Logic). For many years, we (under the trading name Northern School Of Sound) hosted Apple Certified Training courses, 3 day certification training which gave professionals a thorough grounding in Logic.

In 2017, we are now trading under the Ginger tradename and offering many different courses in aspects of music production and recording training.

What You Will Learn

Music Software (DAW)

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) such as Logic X have become the mainstay of recording music in the 21st century. We refer to this type of recording and mixing as “In The Box”. All our Macs have Logic X installed with a host of plugins and software instruments, too. We teach you how to understand the interface, how to record in the software, edit audio and MIDI, applying effects, EQ, compression and work with software instruments.


Over our two studio environments, Studio A and its large recording space and Studio B, fully digital with its acoustically designed large vocal recording area, we teach you the nuts and bolts of recording live acoustic sources, guitars, drums and vocals

Music Production

No matter what style you’re working on, we give you the tips and tricks to make your music professional using the latest and greatest sounds and plugins.


We show you how to mix audio to a professional standard; how to understand EQ, panning, gain structure, compression, effects and their application in various forms of modern music production


All mixes need to be outputted finally to a stereo master to make a record: whether it’s a CD, to iTunes or other digital master. We show you how to take your music to a finished stereo mix, how to understand levels and getting it ready for the radio!