Rehearsal Room A

Our rehearsal space doubles up as our Studio A’s llive room. We`re pretty proud of it. The gear is regularly serviced (or replaced if defective) and the heads on the drums are changed regularly too. Mic stands are disposed of if they stop being pleasurable to use (nothing worse!) and cables binned if they develop issues. And everything in the room is free to use.
It’s air-conditioned, there`s lots (lots) of power – it`s a professional environment for the serious player, but it`s a cool and friendly place for anyone.

We like to keep the place clean, we don`t allow drinks other than water in the space and we`ve always been smoke free. There are fire extinguishers around, we have health and safety and fire procedure policies and we`re fully insured.

Sometimes we hire out PA, lights and other stuff. Call Dee on 07872047896 to discuss further. We`re always pleased to hire stuff to our regulars at very reasonable rates.

KV2 EX full range system, two tops (flown) and up to two subs

Mackie SR450 (up to 8 available on request)



SM58 x 8

SM57 x 6

Beta57 x 2

SM57 x 5


Samson Q8 x 2

Samson Q7 x 8

Brauner Phantom C x1





Rode NTZ Valve x1

Lewitt LCT 540 x1

Rode NT1 x2

Audio Technica AT2020 x4

SE Electronics SE2000 x1

Brüel & Kjær 4006 matched pair

Samson CL-2 matched pair

AKG C1000 x 2

Electrovoice RE27

Rode Procaster x2

Audix D6 x1

Audix F12 x1

Shure PG52 x1

Shure PG56 x1

Shure Beta 87A x2

Shure Beta 56A x1

Shure Beta 52A x1

Sennheiser E906 x2

Marshall MA50H 50watt amp head

Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50watt amp head

Marshall 425A 4×12 cab

Marshall M412A 4×12 cab
Ampeg SVT classic tube bass amp head

Ampeg Classic Series SVT410HE 4×10 bass cab

Ampeg Classic 4×10

Ampeg Classic 1×15


Aguilar TH300 head

Aguilar AG500 head

Aguilar SL112 bass cab

Trace Elliot vintage 4×10

Basic rehearsal

What you get in the room
  • Full range KV2 PA, with sub. Yamaha 16 channel MGX desk, cables, hand held mics (SM58s/Samson Qs), straight and boom stands, music stands on request. Now with free amps! Drummers, just bring your breakables

Drum Kit

  • Brand new Natal kit with Evans heads, sounds and plays great. Hardware good and regularly serviced


  • Sabian, Zildjian Ks – good range of cymbals, priced per hour


  • Check out the full list elsewhere on this page. All available, all either new or in A1 condition. Regularly serviced

Day rate

  • 8 hour day 10-6, for example. Room and drum kit only

Weekly rate

£Call Us/week
  • We’re happy to do deals on weekly room rental. Call Dee on 0787 204 7896