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Bring your original songs to life at Ginger from £40 per hour, work with a multi instrumentalist producer with 20+ years of experience!


Since 2008, we’ve been working with bands and individuals on original music creation. It’s a huge passion of Dee’s, our Creative Director and house producer/engineer who heads up the team here.


As well as an experienced music producer and sound engineer, Dee is also a singer; he plays guitar, bass, keys but usually will try his hand getting a sound out of anything, to be fair!

In more recent times, we’ve found ourselves working a lot with singer-songwriters, specifically on creating productions from scratch.

Dee is hands down one of the most talented producers and musicians I’ve ever work with; he has a way of taking what’s in your head and making it sound amazing. The quality of his work is top end and it is money well spent for his time, as you will walk away with a product to be proud of. 

Lee Lamb


How it works…

SCENARIO 1 – You have an idea, but you need some more help…

 You have the song partially written, that’s ok – so we’ll help you write the rest of it. Maybe it’s missing a middle section, maybe it needs a hook, maybe a musical break – maybe you literally only have just the chorus. No worries, it’s no biggie. We have your back!


SCENARIO 2 – You have an entire song written, but you have no idea how it needs to sound to be commercial, or not commercial – you want it quirky, original, ‘out there’

 Great! We’re off to a cracking start. All we have to do is help direct you to where you want to be, choose sounds, instrumentation, arrange vocals for example. This is often the case, actually. Most people come in with songs in this way, but that’s why we’re perfectly placed to help!


SCENARIO 3 – You know EXACTLY what you want, you just don’t have the access to musicians, the tech, the recording know-how

 OK, this is a really good scenario. You tell US what you need, we produce it like the pros we are, with great sounds, production techniques, state of the art kit and dedication to making your music competitive and brilliantly polished.

I have just had the pleasure of recording my first EP at Ginger Music Studio with Dee. What a rewarding experience from start to finish. I  am delighted by the production and finish of all 4 tracks. Dee was helpful and has years of industry experience to offer support and suggestions. The whole process was fun, relaxing and most importantly I now have 4 beautifully recorded and mixed songs in only 3 days. I fully recommend Ginger !

Matthew Coe,


I could not have wished for a better producer to work with. Dee makes my songs sound better than I could have hoped!

Charlie Gregg


Ginger have been a dream come true. First, Dee is a all round talented musician, a visionary in working with new ideas, a pleasure and relief to work with such great company and friend. 😎

David Dalby


A look at what GREAT GEAR and tech we have, in-house – for songwriters to use:

There’s a range of acoustic guitars, basses, electric guitars, percussion, full drum kits, keyboards. Some of the instruments we have in the studio:


Basses: 1970 Fender Jazz, 2005 Fender Jazz, 2007 Valenti Jazz, 2015 G&L, Fender acoustic bass

Acoustics: J200; parlour, small bodied folk, dreadnought (luthier build) Alvarez’s, Washburn jumbo, Yamaha dreadnought, Breedlove dreadnought, UKES and Mandolin.

Electric guitars: Gibson 335 (1982), 1990 Fender strat (Japan), Tokai strat (1985), Marlowe telecaster (custom build)

Drums: Natal Red Sparkle (maple): 22” kick, 10”, 12”, 16” toms; Natal Arcadia (black): 22” kick, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”; full hardware for both kits

Cymbals: Meinl: 12” hats, crashes x 2;  Zildjian K’s: 12” hats, crashes x 2, K- ride (22”), various other cymbals, quirky and interesting!

Percussion: including congas, hand perc (shakers, blocks etc) and bells

 Keyboards: Nektar Panorama 88 semi weighted USB, various small USB 4-octave and other smaller controllers for use with software instruments:

Logic X, the software we exclusively work with (Dee is also a Logic 8, 9 and X Master Trainer and trained for Apple for years) has a wealth of software instruments bundled with the program, including samplers, synths, emulations of electric pianos, acoustic pianos and dozens of other sound creation tools – basically an electronic toolkit for each and every genre. 

In addition to this we have also heavily invested in some other tools too, especially using the Native Instruments’ platform of Kontakt, a sample based library with endless possibilities, some of which include:

 Studio Drummer, Abbey Road Drums, Session Horns Pro, Session Strings Pro, Rev, Output, The Gentleman, Maverick, The Grandeur (acoustic pianos), Classic Organs, Retro Machines (classic synths)

As with the majority of modern studios, both Ginger studios (Downstairs and Upstairs) are centred around an ‘in-the-box’ environment, meaning that a lot of sound treatment is done within the context of the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), in our case Logic X. We also have traditional mic amps, compressors and EQ in the rack but have heavily invested in cutting edge software in the past couple of years especially. Some of the wealth of plugins we own include:

UAD: (we have two Apollos and two Satellites, over the two studios) and about 20 plugins, all analogue emulations, such as Pultec EQs, 1176, LA-2A, LA-3A compressors, Lexicon reverbs, Manley Massive Passive, Fairchild, Neve

SSL: full suite 

Slate Digital: entire package, including mic emulations for the Slate ML-1 recording mic, lustrous plates, plus TRIGGER, drum replacement tool

iZotope: Ozone and Neutron, full package (for mixing and mastering)

Waves: 60+ plugins bought over the past decade, including some instruments


How a typical (software-based) session might go*:

You meet with your producer, Dee first to discuss maybe your preferences in music, play your song, talk about how you want it to sound as a finished product. Dee may start by getting the base of the song together; it may be a piano or guitar track, or he may start with a beat, using Logic X’s DRUMMER software, or inputting drum/percussive sounds directly. 

We should probably get a ‘guide track’ together at this point – that is, you’d do a ‘scratch’ vocal down so we can start to build around this; layering bass, guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, who knows – maybe a full string, brass section if required (all using amazing software instruments, they just sound like the real thing – in the right hands!). We can add backing vocals, percussion, sound effects. Finally we’d get the main vocal just right, after all it’s where the song is at – the message. 

The final stage is mixing and mastering, making your track ready for the outside world. 

All this could be done in a day – or perhaps over a couple of days, or even just a couple of hours here and there. 

*It goes without saying that music comes in the different forms – we like to think that we give very concentrated, dedicated care to each and every song we help produce, so there’s no set time for anything. But it also depends on you: maybe you just want to get a great demo completed in as short a time as possible, it doesn’t always have to be release quality, so we could get this together lightning fast (did we say we’re quick?!). You should chat about your expectations and needs at the beginning, we’re super open to whatever you want to achieve and will help guide you through the process in a cost conscious way, whatever your budget – we just love creating new music!

I took my song to Dee at Ginger having heard examples of his amazing production skills on social media. After just one unplugged performance he was firing off killer ideas and filling me with an excitement that I’d been longing for. Dee totally immersed himself in my song! And because he has such a vast bredth of knowledge, both musically and technically we were able to build a track that I am immensely proud of. I cannot recommend Dee and Ginger enough. Premium service !

Mike Gatto