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Studio A Upstairs

Loft style studio, private and air-conditioned space, with both digital touchscreen technology and analogue outboard gear.

We’ve been here in Stonehills since 2008. The spaces have been developed over time into two separate, but interconnected studios. Both centred around UA Apollo interfaces and Apple’s Logic Pro X DAW. Whilst space considerations mean that we’re mostly ‘in the box’,  we have invested heavily in great microphones, monitoring plugins and physical controllers. 
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Studio A downstairs

large, great sounding and air-conditioned live room, 8m x 7m


songwriting, production, recording


post production

editing, re-amping, tuning, mix and master

Recent work

Mics a-plenty

Mics include:

Brauner, Bruel & Kjaer, Neumann, Slate, AKG, Senheisser, EV, Shure, Rode, Audix and Lewitt. We have great, classic vocal mics and a serious collection of drum mics.



A3-A4 stonehills

bill quay


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